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How Your Body Language Can Tell People You’re a Leader

How Your Body Language Can Tell People You’re a Leader—or Not With so many executives taking part in “thought leadership” videos, this article from The Wall Street Journal is relevant to those who’s appearances will be recorded. Video lasts forever! For better or worse, C-suite leaders are always on display. And whether in a one-on-one meeting or speaking to a crowd of thousands, they are sending nonverbal messages that shape …Read More

Sustainable foods video

That’s A Wrap! Sponsored by Rabobank, FoodBytes helps food entrepreneurs develop new ways to feed the world with sustainable foods, from seaweed to crickets. Here is the highlight reel, one of 18 pieces of video produced, shot and edited by MediaOne for FoodBytes San Francisco, 2016.

Yes, Instagram video is a thing

I was doing some usage research on Instagram and came across some interesting data I’d thought I’d share (disclaimer: I don’t work for Instagram, but I am “idannycam” and I manage “mediaonesanfrancisco” on Instagram. I’m also a fan of the platform). 48.8% of brands are on Instagram. By 2017, this is predicted to rise to 70.7% Of the top 100 brands in the world, 90% have an Instagram account 96% of US …Read More

Tips For Meeting Your Video Production Deadline

Meeting a video production deadline for marketing campaigns can be challenging. Sometimes there are hard dates for a conference where the video production deadline absolutely has to be hit. Other times, a video production deadline is a moving target attached to a product rollout that has a lot of moving parts. If you keep the following tips in mind when working on a marketing campaign or a video project, this process is …Read More

Best Fireworks and Explosions Video 2016 Edition

Fireworks! It’s that time of year for blowing things up. Let’s do this! Be it fireworks, or other stuff using fireworks, it’s the MediaOne Fireworks Video Blog Post, 2016 Edition. Light the fuse, but don’t get away. Let’s start off simple. Setting off 300 rockets. It’s what any YouTuber does when reaching a subscriber milestone. That’s what colinfurze does. How about seeing what happens to an iPad 2 when wrapped in …Read More

CNN Fox News MSNBC HLN and MediaOne Studios Bring You News

MediaOne brings you the news. Back in the late 80’s the “founding fathers” or in our case, the “founding mother” of MediaOne started a business serving the ever-growing list of 24 hour cable news channels. These news operations needed local facilities to host their guests, and MediaOne filled that role in San Francisco. Today, we are the market leader in news channel guest services for San Francisco and Silicon Valley. …Read More