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Video Production

We specialize in making high quality content for web, corporate, broadcast, and sports clients. Remote and studio production, post production, motion graphics, virtual sets and special effects.

Live Streaming & Broadcast

Either in-studio or with our Tricaster remote production system, we can capture your event anywhere. Or stream it live. Custom web pages and URLs available or stream right to your existing Livestream or Ustream account.  


Located in downtown San Francisco, MediaOne has a complete multi-camera studio and hi def control room, or, use it as a shooting stage with your gear and crew. We also have two single camera insert studios with monitor backgrounds.

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NBC says you are the best on the West Coast!

−White House staffer

Happy Anniversary, The Bay Lights

It started out as a pretty nice day.

The good news, the control room was in a lovely building. The bad news, the camera locations were hundreds of feet away, all the way out on San Francisco ‘s Pier 14. And a hella storm was on it’ s way.

Pier 14 was chosen because of it ‘s spectacular view of The Bay Bridge. Jutting out into San Francisco Bay, it was like being in the middle of the bay. The distance from portable control room to camera location was a challenge we faced and met through some awesome cooperation between Illuminate The Arts, who gave us this fantastic project, and our team of production people.

The lighting design called for the pier to be lined with lanterns. A jib camera, a camera mounted on a very long arm, was assembled at the very end of the pier. After months of planning, we were ready.
Then came the storm.

Ten minutes before we went live, the storm came up big time. Host Lt. Gov Gavin Newsom’ s umbrella was trashed in the first

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Embarrassing Video Lives Forever


Some things never go away.
I’ve done quite a few corporate events where the CEO or VP or the guy controlling the budget was not really interested in how the stream looked or how the video turned out. “I just care about the people in the audience.” Yup. the 50, maybe 100 people in the audience that 3 months from

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MediaOne Acquires QThere Media

MediaOne QT logo

When a company is full of good people and great ideas, you want them on your team.
So on January 6th, MediaOne completed the acquisition of QThere Media.
QThere Media has been a San Francisco leader in providing live streaming production, editing, color correction and motion graphics. Jimmy Giliberti’s expertise with the Tricaster product

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