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Video Production

We specialize in making high quality content for web, corporate, broadcast, and sports clients. Remote and studio production, post production, motion graphics, virtual sets and special effects.

Live Streaming & Broadcast

Either in-studio or with our Tricaster remote production system, we can capture your event anywhere. Or stream it live. Custom web pages and URLs available or stream right to your existing Livestream or Ustream account.  


Located in downtown San Francisco, MediaOne has a complete multi-camera studio and hi def control room, or, use it as a shooting stage with your gear and crew. We also have two single camera insert studios with monitor backgrounds.

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NBC says you are the best on the West Coast!

−White House staffer

Ruthlessly Prioritize Your Task List

Your Task List
Let ‘s see. My list is on several posit’ s, a note pad;paper, note pad;electronic, Reminders app, palm of hand. Sometimes I need a task list that lists my task lists. Hence why I found this post by Belle Beth Cooper in Zapier so helpful. Follow her at @BelleBCooper.


Have you ever noticed how easy it is to

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10 Lessons For Online Video

YouTube Generation

10 Lessons For Online Video
Below is a fantastic post from Journalism.co.uk and Catalina Albeanu that ‘s worth passing on. Some key points are:

Online video is not the same as TV
Yes, it can get pricey
Publish more video
Livestreams can be addictive
Re-read bullet point #1

I’ ve added a few notes along the way as well.

As today ‘s web users are constantly surrounded by choice and content in all formats, online video producers have around five seconds to convince their audience to carry on watching, said The Telegraph’ s director of visual journalism Ben Clissitt, speaking at a British Society of Magazine Editors (BSME) event.

Online video is not TV
“The whole grammar of television and the grammar of digital video are completely different,” he said, “and people shouldn’t treat them in the same way.”

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Training your team

Training your team when the team needs to be taught.
Manuals, “how-to’s” and some “somebody showed me once when I first got here.” These are often the traditional methods for team training. The wonderful steep learning curve new members endure…only to forget half by the time they need to use the info. Let ‘s take a cue from Netflix. You want to watch Orange is The New Black. You need to watch Orange is The New Black. What do you do when the need hits you. You watch a video….on demand.

So Make This Something For Your Team.
Video on Demand. “I need to know how to do this.” Ok. Watch the video. It worked for me when I needed to fix the drippy sink. Check out this posy by uStudio’ s Lisa Stuardi from their Video Training blog.
Sales Training

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