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Studio Production

Studios for broadcast, stream or recorded, multi-camera productions. Custom lighting, HD Control Room, Green Room and Conference Room. Single Camera Insert Studios for New Channel Guests.

Location Production

Multi-camera high definition production at your location. Full production with video and graphics playback. Capture your event or stream it live.

Production Services

Creative support, post production, motion graphics, virtual sets, teleprompter, makeup. Transmission via fiber, LTN or dedicated ethernet.

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NBC says you are the best on the West Coast!

−White House staffer

Dancing Dogs

Dancing dogs, scared cats and wheels for back legs.
What ‘s not to love? The East Bay SPCA has produced this adorable video to help in their adoption program. Go ahead…what the video, see people dance, see dogs with wheels. As the Youtube page says….
Saving lives never sounded so funky!
To learn more about East Bay SPCA located in Oakland, CA go to:


Like us on Facebook:


Tweet #Oaktownpups
and follow us: https://twitter.com/EastBaySPCA



All dogs in the making of this video were rescued or are awaiting adoption from the East Bay SPCA.

Please adopt and spay/neuter your pup!

Video Production Crew:
Director/Camera: Hai-Lam Phan
Producer: Dawn Poomee
Music Production: Douglas Widick
Singer: Amanda Shechtman

You can learn more about Amanda at:

White Pit Bull: Carla (adopted from EB SPCA)
Husky: Kira (adopted from EB SPCA)
Dachshund: Hudson (still available for adoption!)
Fluffy white dog: Winnie (adopted from EB SPCA)

This pup, he’ s East Bay
Pit Bull, just wanna play
These ones, from Stockton
Them good dogs, great lap sitters.
Long coat, short coat, livin ‘ it up in the kennel
Got leash on with tongue out
Got lick myself, so pretty
I’ m too cute (hot dog)
Call the mayor and your girlfriend
I ‘m too cute (hot dog)
Take selfie for instagram
I’ m too cute (hot dog)
Read my tag, you

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Better Video Ads

At the National Association of Broadcaster Convention last week, I met up with Sandeep Casi of Videogram. I also listened to a panel discussion he took part in where he talked about auto-play videos, pre-roll ads and other advertising techniques for online videos. He has some interesting ideas.

Here is a blog post he

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