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Studio Production

Studios for broadcast, stream or recorded, multi-camera productions. Custom lighting, HD Control Room, Green Room and Conference Room. Single Camera Insert Studios for New Channel Guests.

Location Production

Multi-camera high definition production at your location. Full production with video and graphics playback. Capture your event or stream it live.

Production Services

Creative support, post production, motion graphics, virtual sets, teleprompter, makeup. Transmission via fiber, LTN or dedicated ethernet.

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What A Film Looks Like Straight Out Of The Camera

Before and After Color Gradient MediaOne Studios

Here’s an interesting look at the magic that goes into making movies look the way they do. The video above shows how scenes in one particular movie looked straight out of the camera compared to the finished version after color grading. It’s like the video equivalent of the before-and-after post-processing examples photographers often share

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Active Wear Everywhere

Active Wear MediaOne Studios

Are we a bit out of control on the whole “active wear” anywhere?
Skit Box seems to think so. Adele Vuko, Sarah Bishop and Greta Lee Jackson take on the people that go with active wear everywhere.

Written by Skit Box and Christiaan Van Vuuren
Directed by Christiaan Van Vuuren
Shot by Ben Blythe
Titles by

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